Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Shadows born out of the fading light:

 Gradient:Highly effective, extreme and at the same time washed in comfort, made stunning with every single throught put into it, Luca Meneghel‘s photography informs experiences of all types, it just takes relying on your sight and your mind to make the relationships and expose their definitions. Even in austere areas, with dark areas created out of the diminishing light, with greyish tangible changing the call of characteristics, his visuals never does not have center.Of course it allows that Roxana Nesfintu’s unique elegance attracts all sight upon her, just as Veronica Gelmetti’s little, awesome, slouchy design allows in conditioning up up the commercial feelings.Smoked out, coppery eye lids, shiny mouth and smooth nestled in hair are selected to supplement the grayscale scheme of colors, working just as great with the edgy set silhouettesSee on the collection to perspective the complete set of pictures by Luca Meneghel !

Photographer: Luca Meneghel 
Stylist: Veronica Gelmetti 

Model: Roxana Nesfintu 

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