Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Latest Sana & Samia Eid Dresses Collection for Girls.

Sana & Samia is the most exclusive developer in Pakistani style sectors. This brand developed the most exclusive top quality and wonderful outfits. Sana & Samia dress is very famous in area. Sana & Samia already released the evening wear, semi- official , informal, covers, embroidering perform lengthy covers and frocks these all the outfits selection are very girl top quality.  She always developed the very newest time style outfits. Sana & Samia permanently presented the top quality perform outfits and fabrics.Sana & Samia released the Latest Eid Dresses Collection for Females by Sana & Samia.

Dior Fall-Winter Collection’s Full Campaign 2013-2014.

Today I'd like to share with you Dior's full Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 collection's campaign which features Mariya Karla Boscono, Elic Krombez, Iselin Steyr and Daria Strokous. All the models appear in studio images with white brick and gold floral background.

Strawberry Eid Dresses Collection for Women 2013.

Bananas is the most exclusive designer in Pakistani style sectors. This product developed the most exclusive top quality and wonderful outfits. Bananas outfit is very famous in area. Bananas already released the evening wear, semi- official , informal, covers, embroidering perform lengthy covers and frocks these all the outfits selection are very girl top quality. She always developed the very latest time style outfits.  Bananas forever presented the top quality perform outfits and fabrics.Strawberry released the Eid Dresses Collection for Women. Bananas is one of the new style product growing i Pakistan.

Women’s Shoewear Casadei Collection Autumn-Winter 2013-2014.

Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 collection's lookbook from women's shoewear label Casadei, which is entitled 'Black to Black.' Well, it looks quite fetish to me, as it features lots of black colors and shine fabrics. The main theme or inspiration is taken from the late 1980's, that's why you will find here sharp toes, thin Blade heels, straps and buckles.

Moods & Shades Seasonal Change / Eid Collection 2013 For Ladies

ARY has presented lately a newest Eid Joyful outfit collection 2013 for females. This definitely developed for the females to put on on the Eid Day Party. It name is ARY Eid Selection 2013. This is a completely stitched developed collection. ARY Emotions & Colors Eid Selection 2013 is suitable for all age females. These tops can be dressed in with the mixture of trouser, shalwar, leggings and denims also.  These outfits are uncommitted on ARY sites which are almost useful in big places of Pakistan.

Anarkali Suits Collection By Natasha Couture Festive For Women.

 Now this time Natasha Style released the Natasha Style Joyful Females Anarkali Matches Collection. This outfits selection is the most stylish and attractive. This Natasha Style Joyful Females Anarkali Matches Collection is specially engineered for area and modern women.  Natasha Clothing designer used the brought in fabrics in this selection Natasha Style outfits selection is available in Swiss, Chiffon, Silk and Lawn. This Natasha Style Joyful Females Anarkali Matches Collection is included lengthy dress, lengthy tops, trouser, choridhar pajama and dupata.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Desi Beads Glorious Eid Collection 2013 For Ladies.

Desi Pellets has lately released newest and Fantastic Eid Selection 2013 For Females and some women. Desi Pellets is a female's use Pakistani brand released this year. Desi Pellets main objective is to form our customers feel fashionable and elegant at a reasonable value with a reasonable quality. Desi Pellets newest Selection 2013 “Glorify yourself this Eid with Desi Beads” particularly for Eid event clothing for women and some women. These clothing are best use for Eid Summer time collection, Evening use,Semi official use and additionally celebration use etc. Very attractive and bright colors are utilized in this Selection for women. Ladies wanting for excellence in your fashion declaration, take a glance at Desi Pellets native desi informal and Eid Party Dresses 2013 Selection that was released only lately. Desi Pellets could be a really far-famed and worldwide loved Pakistani and Indian native designer who leads the approach of Pakistani industry.

Sportmax Campaign Autumn-Winter 2013-2014.

Sportmax revealed its Fall-Winter 2013-2014 collection's campaign, where fashion model Sigrid Agren is enlisted as the face of autumn season. All the shots were done in studio, where Sigrid appears in kind of relaxed-sophisticated mood, sporting label's finest looks, including relaxed coats, oversized knitted sweaters, fur coats, patent slouchy pants, sleeveless overalls and silk dresses.
Sportmax Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 Campaign (1)

Maje Fall-Winter lookbook 2013-2014.

Let's take a closer look at Maje Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 collection's lookbook, which features eclectic style wardrobe pieces and ambitious womenswear styles. I love these looks for the classic and original style focus, that features glamorous pieces and sharp details. Enough talking, it's time to see those feminine silhouettes and bold details.

Maje Fall-Winter 2013-2014 lookbook (2)

Patrizia Pepe Fall-Winter Lookbook 2013-2014.

Today I took a look into Patrizia Pepe's website and Oh my God, I found some brilliant autumn-winter 2013-2014 looks, that are glamour and trendy. Let's observe some of these eye-catchy urban style outfits. Well, if I start to make a list of what I have spotted there, then it will be useless, so let me tell some really bright ideas of how you can make your outfit look gorgeous and unique. So, my attention was attracted by the look, which featured simple top (a turtleneck) which was teamed with ankle length trousers and simple moccasins, yet this look was upgraded with eye-catchy junk jewellery necklace and cool fur coat, indeed, it looks hot.
Patrizia Pepe Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Lookbook (3)

Ellassay Autumn-Winter Campaign 2013-2014.

Latest Ellassay Fall-Winter 2013-2014 collection's campaign which features soft, glamorous and implicit women's garments. New campaign features model Monika 'Jac' Jagaciak who is clad in classic gowns, retro mesnwear inspired pantsuits and eye-catchy coats. Every garment evokes gentle, elegant and clean style.
Ellassay Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 Campaign (1)

Patrizia Pepe Fall-Winter Campaign 2013-2014.

Let's explore the latest glamour Fall-Winter 2013-2014 collection's campaign from Patrizia Pepe. Here you will find plenty of new season's trends that look hot and elegant on Patrycja Gardygajlo. The model appears in dark garments, including striped knitted sweatdresses, LBD, feminine blouses and mini skirts, sequined dresses, fur vests, sport style looks, relaxed knitted sweaters, like quilted fitted bombers, patent leggings and military boots.
Patrizia Pepe Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Campaign (1)

HairstylesTrends: Punk rock 2013-2014.

Today I'd like to share with you some gorgeous punk fashion hairstyles that are must haves of this 2013-2014 season. This trend is undeniably great and it suits almost every girl with any face shape. It's well known ,that quite few girls and women can pull on punk style garments, but sometimes we want to look edgy and nasty, that is why this hair trend became so popular.
Punk rock hairstyles

Club Monaco Autumn-Winter lookbook 2013-2014.

When it's cold, I dress cozy and warm, just like in Club Monaco Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 lookbook. Founded in Toronto in 1985, lifestyle brand Club Monaco presents its latest modern and creative style lookbook. I love the latest offerings, because it consists of today's fashion trends and must-haves which are mixed with timeless classics.
Club Monaco Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 lookbook (1)

Punk Fashion Style Trends 2013-2014.

The Punk Culture or better to say the punk rock movement of the 1970's is forever left its mark. I personally think, that Punk genre and style is kind of break out and when this movement is connected with fashion, then any collection looks rebellious and edgy, as a real breakthrough.
This 2013-2014 season punk fashion is still in business and remains present, so if you are wishing to have a wardrobe look as punk-inspired, then why don't you take a look at these inspirational images and get some tips for yourself.

Here below you will see some really impressive punk clothing styles, which will help you to achieve it by your own.
In any style, it's very common and important to have at least five or more fashion tips of how to be dressed like a real fashionista, that's why I'd like you to take some notes from now on.
Punk Style Trends 2013-2014  (1)

3.1 Phillip Lim Autumn-Winter Campaign 2013-2014.

Let's have a look at the latest 3.1 Phillip Lim Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 women's campaign (here is fashion show), which is all about edgy and sophisticated styles. New campaign features Kiko Mizuhara and Louis Simonon. Models appear in urban outdoor setting, which is filled with graffiti draws.
3.1 Phillip Lim Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 Campaign (2)

Fitted beanies women’s looks 2013-2014.

Those who like grunge style and rock vibes will for sure like this fitted beanie style, as it is tight and hangs low. If it happened so, that you have a bad hair day and it seems like you wont have time to wash it, then this beanie is the best solution for you. Some girls sport this style beanie just for looking cool.
Fitted beanies 2013-2014 looks (1)

Monday, 29 July 2013

Pakistani Star Veena Malik visited Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah.

Pakistan Celebrity Veena Malik who is in indian now a times and connected with Bollywood movie Market frequented Hazrat Khwaja Nizam uddin Dargha at Ajmer Sharif on 27th This summer 2013 weekend. Veena Malik frequented Dargha with his family associates memebers. Veena Malik frequented the Dargha in the Morning while she was take Sehri also there as the 1 month of Ramadan is continuous, she also take Sehri and keep in Quick as a Islamic at the dargha of Hazrat Khwaja Nizam uddin with his close relatives. .                              

Opening Ceremony x Adidas Originals Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Campaign:

Today I'd like to discuss with you Starting Wedding x Adidas Genuine ones new Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 collection's strategy which features designs Antonina Vasylchenko, Ben Jarvis, Amra Cerkezovic and Sang J.

Zimmermann spring / summer ad campaign 2013/2014.

Zimmermann’s Class of 2013 collection is not quite school girl elegant as you might expect it. Instead – as the strategy presenting Cassi Van Den Dungen demonstrates – it’s a mix of purity and night, a sense of fun and complexity, at once younger and magnificent, peppered with pleated tunics and sexy dresses together with ribbons and ruffles and bows.

Women’s pom-pom beanies style looks 2013-2014.

 Pom-Pom beanie will suit just right. It's already 4 decades as pom-poms are in trend, the same goes this autumn-winter season. I personally like wearing pom-pom beanies with easy ensembles in light colors, in order to underline my headwear style.
Karen Walker

Oversized Beanies For Women 2013-2014.

Here below you will find a great compilation of 2013-2014 Oversized women’s beanies Style Looks. The oversized beanies look great if you pair them with sleek, minimal cuts and light, delicate fabrics. Indeed, they look playful and dramatic. Most of brands and designers offer knitted headwear designs, so you will look perfect in any case. I personally like teaming oversized beanies with sport style looks, like track pants and biker jacket, looks quite grunge to me.
2013-2014 Oversized Beanies For Women (2)

Circle skirts 2013-2014.

For the past few years full skirts have become very popular and many styles are now changing their appearance from strictly feminine and vintage to modern and matching any style. Indeed, it looks like the obsession with full skirts is getting stronger and this summer, fall and next summer season is going to be plenty of popular full skirt variations.
Circle skirts 2013-2014 (6)

Diesel Kids Fall-Winter Campaign 2013-2014.

Diesel Kids presents some military fashion for young boys and girls in theirs Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 collection's campaign. New kidswear line features military inspired grunge looks and some high fashion must haves. Looks like kids enjoy being in the army, as they are dressed up in the distressed jeans, fur-lined jackets, denim vests, long sleeved shirts and cool accessories, like beanies, hats, caps, pin badges and floral head-gear.
Diesel Kids Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Campaign  (1)

Cropped moto jackets for women 2013-2014.

This 2013-2014 season cropped moto jackets are highly fashionable, so this leather outerwear piece is a must have for fashionistas. A chic biker jacket is a real saver during late summer nights, when a cool breeze weather comes in. There are lots of variations of cropped leather jackets, starting from tailored blazers to second-skin leather moto.
Cropped moto jackets 2013-2014 for women (1)
It's up to you what style to choose, yet there are many beautiful designs that are on discount right now, so why don't you try those ones.

My favorite and beloved jacket so far is this Acne cropped moto jacket which is tan and looks grunge and agressive. It features a broad collar with snap button closures and multiple front pockets. Love those long sleeves with zippered vents.

IRO Women’s Winter Jackets 2013-2014.

Iro winter jackets for women. New autumn-winter 2013-2014 season comes with rain, wind and snow, that's why staying warm is one of major things during this time of year. So what are we waiting for, let's take a closer look at these amazing jackets for women.
Women's Winter Jackets for 2013-2014 by IRO
The first jacket is leather jacket and is called Rojan. It comes with pressure buttons and asymmetrical zippers. I personally love those zippered pockets, looks rocking and modern to me.

The second one is called Mulen jacket. It is dual farbic crossed jacket and comes with long leather sleeves and zipper closures.

Pedro del Hierro Madrid Fall-Winter Campaign 2013-2014.

Spanish fashion brand Pedro del Hierro Madrid reveals new Fall-Winter 2013-2014 campaign, which features fashion model Valerija Kelava. Slovenian model appears in studio images with a dark grey backdrop wearing elegant designs featuring capes, fitted trousers, menswear inspired outerwear, colorful floral prints, all-red ensembles complete with red gloves.
Pedro del Hierro Madrid Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Campaign (1)

Ck Calvin Klein Fall-Winter Campaign 2013-2014.

Let's take a look at ck Calvin Klein Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 ads campaign which features models Liu Wen, Caroline Brasch Nielsen, Sung Jin Park, Ji Hye Park, Matthijs Meel. All images were done in Yale University’s Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscript Library and every image looks sleek and sophisticated. Models appear in black and white outfits.
ck Calvin Klein Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Campaign (1)

Balmain Fall-Winter Campaign 2013-2014.

Balmain reveals its Fall-Winter 2013-2014 collection's advertisement images starring Cora Emmanuel, Manon Leloup, Elisabeth Erm, Khadija and Clement Chabernaud. French brand offers fresh gold and magenta looks, All images are shot in front of beautiful backdrop of Paris.
Balmain Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Campaign (1)

McQ Fall-Winter Campaign 2013-2014.

Let's observe the latest images of Alexander McQueen's McQ line. New campaign features model Tiplady and Tom Gaskin who appear in studio black and white images wearing latest sporty offerings. So, new season comes with street style modern looks, including men's and women's wardrobe essentials, including abstract print mini dresses, jackets, coats, kniiwear basics, leggings, tanks, trousers, jeans and some cool accessories, like jewellery, shoes and bags.
McQ Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Campaign (1)

Pierre Balmain Fall-Winter Campaign 2013-2014.

Pierre Balmain new Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 collection's campaign which is inspired by the 1960's cartoon super-heroes of the past and vintage comic books. New season's campaign features models Paolo Anchisi and Andreea Diaconu, who appear on a night out, wearing youthful uniform, boots, leather garments, cloaks.
Pierre Balmain Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Campaign (1)

Preppy Looks in Tommy Hilfiger Fall-Winter Campaign 2013-2014

Tommy Hilfiger presents its new Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 collection's campaign, enlisting a cast of eclectic characters, including Jacquelyn Jablonski, Bernard Fouquet, Chloe Blackshire, Arthur Kulkov, Julia Hafstrom, Lea Sorensen, Toni Garrn, Thomas Gledhill, Kim D, Sacha M’Baye, Tidiou M’Baye, Viggo Jonasson, Tian Yi, Sasha Luss, Cora Emmanuel, Katya Riabinkina, Benjamin Eidem, RJ King and Marlon Teixeira.
Tommy Hilfiger Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Campaign (2)

Stradivarius Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Accessories Collection Limited Edition.

Funky and bohemian inspired limited edition of accessories in the latest Stradivarious Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 collection's campaign shots. As you can see from the images below, here are showcased formal and casual pieces, starting from everyday ripped denim jeans, skinnies, bright trainers, sneakers to leather skirts, boots, oxfords and a wide variety of bags, like oversized leather bags, shoulder bags, fringed bags, clutches with silver studs, abstract prints and embellishments.
Stradivarius Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Accessories Limited Edition Collection  (1)

Osklen Fall-Winter Campaign 2013-2014.

Here are fresh images of the latest Osklen Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 collection's campaign, which features Brazilian IT model Thairine Garcia, who is clad in minimalistic designs. I personally love those sporty inspired structured looks, which include leather, chiffon and fur details. Look at those fur tops, fur sleeves, mountain and sky pattern on blouses, it feel quite freezy.Osklen Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Campaign (1)

Opening Ceremony X Adidas Originals Campaign Fall-Winter 2013-2014

Opening Ceremony x Adidas Originals new Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 collection's campaign which features models Antonina Vasylchenko, Benjamin Jarvis, Amra Cerkezovic and Sung Jin Park. New collaboration comes with two sport inspired elemnt styles: rock climbing and basketball. For a new season two labels showcased amazing stylistic elements, bright prints and fitted outfits.
Opening Ceremony x Adidas Originals Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Campaign (1)

Luxe Accessories in Tod’s Fall-Winter Catalogue 2013-2014 For Women’s.

Tod's autumn-winter 2013-2014 collection's catalogue, which is all about Italian lifestyle exclusive details, clean-cut lines and feminine style. New women's collection for the fall season comes with unique details, qualitative and rich fabrics. Here are presented amazing Saddle bags (looking modern and elegant) with stylized saddle made of alligator and calfskin-effect pony skin, ultra-light platforms, elegant wedges, ankle boots and new style handbags and totes.
Luxe Accessories in Tod's Fall-Winter 2013 (1)

Boyish Style in Topshop Fall-Winter Campaign 2013-2014.

Topshop enlists models Samantha Gradoville, Drake Burnette, Emma Oak, Elisabeth Erm and Marta Dyks for its Autumn-Winter 2013-2014 collection's campaign. All the images showcase chic and stylish looks in various outdoor settings representing boyish style. Models appear in denim looks, skirts, blouses, overcoats, knitwear, trousers and blazers.
Topshop Fall-Winter 2013-2014 Campaign (1)

Sunday, 28 July 2013

Hadiqa Kiani Stylish Summer Eid Collection 2013.

Hadiqa Kiani Globe of style has lately released newest and Fashionable Summer time Eid Selection 2013 For Women and some women. This style hub has been monitored by illustrious musician Hadiqa Kiani because the Product owner. Hadiqa Kiani has basically released their 2 selections up to now and each of them are Brobdingnagian popular and well liked by women. the most beneficial factor regarding their material has been the mix of the traditional and up to date design structures that is one amongst the most beneficial options of their remarkable success.

Eid Festival Collection 2013 Umar Sayeed Festival 2013 by Al-Karam For Girls.

These days we are behind 16 days from Eid. Eid preparations are at optimum level. Marketplaces are full of outfits and shoes of different manufacturers. Almost all big outfits manufacturers have released their unique selection of outfits for Eid 2013. These days we have introduced a vivid dress selection from the house of Al-Karam. Al-Karam has lately released its vivid and vivid Eid Collection which consists of on three piece outfits. Tops have been developed with printed background and nurtured with line embroidering work.

Pakistani Mehndi designs for Eid For Girls.

Mehnid on Eid day is as essential as blood for life. Woman's festivities did not complete without mehndi. On Eid day ladies especially go for Mehndi developers to put wonderful mehndi styles on arms, arms and legs.
 On celestial satellite night (Chand Raat) loved ones ladies collected at one place and sketch awesome mehndi styles for each other. For the objective ladies use innovative mehndi styles.

Sana Safinaz Eid Collection 2013 for Women.

Sana Safinaz has been in industry from several years and has released variety of outfits manifesto. It is the product of top quality and Sana Safinaz has targeted to offer top quality outfits with unique and stylish outfits design and styles. Sana Safinaz has its unique retail store stores in all big places of Pakistan. The product has started by two stunning women Sana Haswani and Safinaz Muneer. Both the women are so brilliant and have innovative skills in outfits developing. Here we are going to discuss Sana Safina Eid selection 2013-14 and Sana Safizan unique party wear / joyful selection 2013 with British shades. We are returning with another amazing outfit selection for the coming Eid 2013.

Latest Women Summer Collection Zunaira Lounge 2013.

Zunaira Living room is one of a new home fashion clothing brand Pakistan.This working since Aug 2010. Zunaira Living room offered evening use, semi-formal use, informal use and ready to put on clothes. Recently Zunaira Living room has been their way of research and the latest exclusive summer time selection 2013 Living room 2013 summer time selection females. Zunaira included long shirts, a-line, maxis and outfits with leggings, pants and churidar sleepwear.

Silkasia Chiffon Dresses Collection 2013 For Women.

Silkasia has released stylish new  Chiffon Developer Clothing Selection 2013 For Women and girls. Light Light red Khaadi Chiffon A-line Clothing is developed on khaadi. On Neck three collection are stiched on khaadi using velvety also whole dress is magnificently coloured using sweep also swarovski gems are used to provide a shining look. Turquoise Blue Jacquard chiffon A-line Clothing is decorative using coloured by hand color full blossoms also top quality swarovski are used to provide a extra common look. While weaving on jacquard also distinctive using silver and partner fantastic zari over body, fleshlight sleeves and at the ghera of the shirt.

Cayma Emran Formal & Party Wear Collection 2013 For Girls.

Cayma Emran item is a popular style item in pakistan. Cayma Emran is provided wide range of traditional and fashionable clothing for women and some women. 

Pink Lemon Beautiful Eid Dresses Collection for Women 2013.

Light red Orange is the most exclusive developer in Pakistani style industries. This brand developed the most exclusive top quality and charming outfits. Light red Orange dress is very famous in area. Light red Orange already released the evening wear, semi- official , casual, tops, embroidering perform lengthy tops and frocks these all the outfits selection are very girl top quality. She always developed the very latest time style outfits. Light red Orange forever introduced the top quality perform outfits and fabrics.Pink Orange released the Wonderful Eid Dresses Collection for Females. This outfits selection is the most stylish and attractive.

Weekend beauty Ellinore by Manfredi Gioachini Ellinore & Manfredi Gioachini.

 A elegance does not actually have to register to the cliches of lengthy locks and elegant dresses; elegance comes in many forms, and the androgynous kinds are sometimes the most fascinating of all.


Style Croatia enjoys its 25 Decades of Style by posting a unique This summer 2013 version with six different includes. 
Designs Betty Evangelista, Natalia Vodianova, Stella Tennant, Gisele Bundchen, Raquel Zimmermann, Cameron Russell, Amanda-b Murphy, Tony morrison a2z Keep, Ethan Wayne, Frederik Meijnen, Louis Steyaert, Meghan Collison, and RJ Master function in the wonderful editorials taken by Steven Meisel.

Latest Spring Summer Collection 2013 for Girls by Rang Ja.

Freshly Go Ja has introduced its Latets Summer time Selection 2013 for Females & Ladies by Go Ja. Go Ja Summer time Selection 2013 are consist of long & brief shirts with tight churidar pajamas or jeans.Rang Ja Summer time Selection 2013 included brief size frocks and kurtas for ladies and ladies.  Go Ja springtime summer collection hasethnic outfits with colorful embroidery.Women and ladies can use these outfits as casual use and dress use also. Rang Ja springtime summer collection 2013 has some really calm and funky outfits for ladies. The outfits of Go Ja are offered through its different outlets in Pakistan.

Celestial Inaaya Eid Collection 2013 For Girls.

Inaaya is a new growing clothing developer.Inaaya has been working in the area of style in year 2012. Inaaya provided informal use, celebration use and ready to put on outfits in amazing sewing designs. Freshly Inaaya has released its New Fashionable Inaaya Heavenly selection 2013 For Eid ul fiter. Inaaya Heavenly Eid selection has developed for future occasion of Eid-Ul-Fitr 2013.  Inaaya Heavenly Eid selection has embellished with full of stylish looks and eye-catching sewing designs. Inaaya has ornamented these outfits.

Latest Sahar Ismail Eid Collection 2013 For Young Girls.

Sahar Ismail is a well known, fashionable and skilled clothing developer. Sahar Ismail has been working in the area of style since year 2012. Sahar Ismail Outfits provided informal use, party use and evening use outfits.  Sahar Ismail Outfits has lately released its New Unique eid selection 2013 for women and area By Sahar Ismail. Sahar Ismail Outfits eid selection 2013 have completely embellished with needlework and shoelaces on front and rear.  The sewing designs of this selection are so simple. Sahar Ismail Outfits eid selection 2013 is involved long tops and frocks with leggings and pants. Sahar Ismail eid selection 2013 has designed with shiny impartial colors such as greyish, white and maroon.