Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Chaser has that L.A feel for Summer 2015 for Ladies:

 That unique L.A feel spreads throughout the latest visuals from Chaser label in their summer time 2015 offering.
Lovely motto t-shirts and aquariums are designed with comfortable silhouettes and tie-dye printing for a bohemian energetic selection.You can see all of the Chaser spring / summer time 2015 selection by simply clicking a thumbnail on the left. From there you can browse through each of the pictures from the selection.

Eliminating time with evil style 2015:

Time Passing:A tiny bit dirty, a tad bit Medieval, yet smooth and contemporary in any case, Nika Dodon's underhanded configuration makes for the best redirection when killing time is of the substance.

A blend of exquisite, appealing and skin marvelous, the '90s spurred outlines lensed by Roxanne Werter look shockingly better against an old, desolate play territory. Virtue giving approach to sultriness, an emotions tinged with basic Lolita sentiments, and amidst it each of the, a grand, more youthful woman caught in the middle of planets.Off-shoulder plants spreads to settled minis, vast pumps to chokers and strawberry-shapes sunnies, the fun, restless configuration is made entire with dark, compelling make-up by Alexandra Gherman.You can look at the complete arrangement of pictures by Roxanne Werter (www.roxannewerter.co.uk) at the gathering.

 Photographer: Roxanne Werter @ www.roxannewerter.co.uk
Model: Nika Dodon
Agency: Mandarin Models @ www.facebook.com/mandarinmodels
Makeup & Dress: Alexandra Gherman

Friday, 24 July 2015

GLAMOUR FRANCE: Elisabeth Erm by Sam Hendel:

 Ma: Glamour France
Mo: Elisabeth Erm
St: Virginie Benarroch

Ph: Sam Hendel

Field of Your Dreams: Where Heavenly Meets Sexy:

By leaving all thoughts of cozy bedrooms and luxurious hotel rooms behind, Stephanie Thy brings quite the fantasy to life somewhere in the heart of nature, her editorial the field of your dreams, the place where heavenly meets sexy, where soft and sensual merge together in order to paint life in ethereal hues.

Playing muse, her act an endless game of seduction, Felicity May does lingerie with a retro twist, lace and tassels, feathers, appliques and embroideries, adorning the body-hugging bustiers, the high-waisted panties, the sultry stockings, all styled ever so gorgeously by Shiori.