Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Cara Delevingne does DKNY underwear:

Here’s a review of the newest 2015 strategy from DKNY Intimates and Slumberwear, in which Cara Delevingne looks extremely awesome and simple and easy in underwear items and candy striped knee-high footwear. Though her tattoo designs do seem to, curiously, vanish in the second taken which you can perspective after the crack.

Dream a Little Dream of Summer:

Fine sand, a glorious blue sky and a near empty beach: these three elements alone manage to frame the absolute perfect scenario in which a beautiful, sexy babe becomes one with the hot, hot summer. Flawless body dressed in ripped denim and delicate lace, gorgeous face kept almost-bare and looking natural, this is Katya Trifonova, lensed by Sergey Korolkov in the midst of her own little dream of paradise.

Photographer: Sergey Korolkov @ sergeykorolkov.com
Model: Katya Trifonova

The Need for Skin Exfoliation:

Our skin cells keep regenerating every 2 to 4 weeks. Accordingly, thousands of cells shed every minute. While most fall off on their own, some just keep accumulating on the skin surface leading to dry skin cell buildup. Now the dry cells act as a barrier to the skin - they not only trap grease, dirt and other impurities that clog the pores, but also keep your skin care products from penetrating into the skin. The result is rough, dull and tired looking skin that can also become prone to acne breakouts.
  This is why it is essential to regularly exfoliate the dead cells and allow the new skin cells to come to the fore.

How exfoliation helps
• It will unclog the pores and also remove any blackheads or whiteheads that are on the surface.
• It can help reduce or even prevent acne breakouts.
• It helps clear out pigmentation due to acne, age, genetics or other reasons.
• It will even out the skin tone and texture.
• As new cells get exposed and the blood circulation improves, it rejuvenates the skin and you look fresh and radiant.
• Moisturizers and other products can penetrate into the skin, thus leading to better results.
• Clean, clear and smooth skin is yours that always looks healthy and glowing.
• It can even reduce signs of aging.

How to do?
Exfoliation is usually done physically or chemically. You can use a gentle scrub from a natural skin care product range while in the shower. Wet your skin with warm water before applying the product. Use a gentle touch and circular motions as you work it on the facial skin. For the body a skin brush can also be used. Apply moisturizer soon after to soothe the cleansed skin. Makeup may be applied immediately.

While some people prefer to use home products, be careful that it does not contain any rough pits, seeds or husk that can actually lacerate the skin. Look for smooth, round granules that do not irritate the skin.

Chemical Exfoliants are available that use mild acids to exfoliate the skin from deep within. Apply them on the face and leave it to work on the dead cells. For extreme cases, you can also opt for chemical peels or Microdermabrasion procedures by an aesthetician, dermatologist or other licensed skincare professional.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Here comes young, beautiful Jordan:

South African Beauty Jordan:A stunning younger experience, a organic poser, a genuine spirit: this is wonderful The the air jordan, the Southern Africa enchanter that’s prepared to take the style market by surprise.Already off to an excellent begin, she is lensed by Mrs. Aristocrat and designed by Filipa Fitzgibbons in this charming sequence of images in which she’s going from easily awesome to lovely favorite.Hair by Valentina Dang and make-up by Saveria circular off the picture capture that you can examine in complete at the collection.

 Photographer & Creative Director: Michelle Aristocrat 
Model: Jordan With Anita Norris
Stylist: Filipa Jackson
Hair: Valentina Dang

Makeup: Makeup By Saveria

Do We Need a Super Plus Size? Silk Dresses:

 When the category of plus size model was first introduced around 1980, to bring style to the clothes of bigger women, no doubt the models were bigger than average, but in the twenty first century, with women having grown steadily bigger over the intervening years, plus size is now no more than average. The fashion industry has been reluctant to increase the size of plus size models, so is it time to consider introducing a super plus size to bring elegance and style to a new generation of big beautiful women? British Standard sizes for women's clothes were introduced in 1982. At that time the average woman was still about size 12, so plus size models wearing size 14 and 16 dresses could serve the fashion needs of the majority of above-average-size women. However, by 2010, the proportion of size 12 women had fallen to 31 percent and nearly 40 percent of women were reported to be size 16 or above. So plus size models of size 16 had come to represent the average woman, and large numbers of bigger women were again left without a category designation to inspire fashion designers to cater for their needs. Women's vital statistics have changed, but the fashion industry holds onto the Twiggy era of the 1960s, and its gesture towards bigger women is still stalled in the 1980s.

The Biggest Color Trends of 2015:

Fashion does not exist in a vacuum. It is a culmination of colours, styles, cuts that has people excited for the opportunity to wear those clothes. Even today, fashion has managed to trickle down to the most mainstream of consumers with the overwhelming popularity of fast fashion brands.Yet, while many consumers and fashion experts are adept at describing the top fashion trends of the season, many are left stumped when asked to explain the top colour trends in the industry with equal detail.

Winter 2015-2016 Modern Looking Jackets For Women:

Keep it as futuristic as you can. In today's post I want to draw your attention to women's modern looking jackets what are ideal for making a statement look in the streets. Here are gathered winter 2015-2016 season jackets from various designer brands. What is so special about these cover-ups you might ask me? First of all the overall look what looks both fun, weird and sophisticated. Secondly, the details. Indeed, everything is hidden in details, as it may be the cropped cut, leather details, length and volume of sleeves, buttons, collars, etc. Anyway, let's have a closer look and see what is so special about this year's modern looking jackets.