Wednesday, 17 June 2015


 When you see lady who is wearing Ornella Bijoux designs, you start to think of favorite anecdotes, as every part from this brand looks like a real part of art. Nancy Vittoria Albani makes truly elegant and beautiful items, presenting emotional and wonderful expression. Her designs are motivated from nature and art-world. Albani makes custom-fitted hand crafted jewellery, such as voguish brooches, jewelry, capped teeth, neckpieces. I love the way she converts shiny pearl jewelry, shells, murano cup, shiny materials, classic clay decorations and Swarovski gems into unique customized jewellery. You are about to see delightful vegetables and fruits of the woodlands made of valuable Murano cup. Each part brings up strange feelings and innovative ladylike hits. I have never seen such valuable French creativeness. If you are one of those women who admires history, customs, superiority hand crafted jewelery, then you are more than accepted to see the beauty of Ornella Bijoux designs.

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