Sunday, 28 July 2013

Weekend beauty Ellinore by Manfredi Gioachini Ellinore & Manfredi Gioachini.

 A elegance does not actually have to register to the cliches of lengthy locks and elegant dresses; elegance comes in many forms, and the androgynous kinds are sometimes the most fascinating of all.
Photographer Manfredi Gioachini delivers us this desaturated symbol of design Ellinore Erichsen, cooly designed by Annett Monheim into a mix of macho and elegant items. 
Combined with a brief, tomboyish locks style – designed by He Milkel – and easy yet powerful barbecue cosmetics by Ford Tadayoshi, Ellinore becomes the challenging yet stunning lady.

Photography by Manfredi Gioachini
Styling: Annett Monheim
Make-up Artist: Honda Tadayoshi
Hair: Sean Milkel
Model : Ellinore Erichsen / NEXT modelmanagement
Production: UTG NY
Retoucher: Robert Lang

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