Friday, 26 July 2013

Those shredded boyfriend jeans and the light in her eyes Rosanna by Peter Coulson

On and off photographic camera, in the convenience of our houses or on the active roads, outfits become our second skin, our armour, our sequence of emotions unknown, of emotions unresolved. And for as much as we like to cover up and uncover ourselves in delicately designed levels of materials, it’s when we lastly let go of all exquisiteness that we start to learn about our true naturel.  Within the outer lining area, in full substance.Rosanna Faraci choose to route her inner design again for a grayscale sequence of images taken by photographer Chris Coulson. Courageous, laid-back, exuding assurance in just a couple of attractive denims, Rosanna features the kind of raw beauty people really like to see on movie.  50 percent tomboy, half femme fatale, she shoots your creativity with the losing light in her sight. A perspective in grayscale, Rosanna Faraci shows that she still connected in front of the photographic camera.

Photography by Peter Coulson
Model: Rosanna Faraci
Styling: Peter Coulson

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