Sunday, 7 July 2013

The boldest of eclectic styling clashes Camille by Christophe Vrankenne

This shoot by Christophe Vrankenne is a colourful explosion of fierce, fabulous and imaginative fashion. The entire set of outfits, designed by Jose Luis Romero, is colourfully and culturally portrayed with an overwhelming display of patterns, lines, prints and accessories.  The creative use of mixing colour and print in this fashion collection is unparalleled in its ability to make the seemingly contrasting work so well together. Romero has a talent and an eye for making masterful outfits that stand out and stun with their impactful expression.

Photograph & retouching by Christophe Vrankenne @
Model: Camille @ DOMINIQUE MODELS Agency [Facebook]
Hair & Make-up Artist: Julie Rombaudt Make Up Artist @ Facebook
Assisted by Thomas Lara Alonso [Facebook] & Daniel De Vos [Facebook]
Fashion designer: Jose Luis Romero @
Location: Studio 202 Bruxelles @

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