Sunday, 14 July 2013

Emily Ratajkowski’s boxing shoot makes sweating sexy Emily Ratajkowski by Olivia Malone.

It’s a capture idea not compared with those that have gone before: lady in punching band, skin bared and glimmering under neon remove lighting, beauty elevated by the contrastingly gritty encompasses.  A idea need not be new, though, when it’s done extremely well. And with Gloria Ratajkowski in the band, and Olivia Malone behind the lens, you could not ask for more. Ratajkowski performs a personality every lady at some point goals of being, and every guy of having: intense, separate, yet skin shaped and completely elegant.

Photography by Olivia Malone
Styled by Marissa Joye Peden
Hair by Bobby Eliot
Makeup by Caroline Ramos
Model: Emily Ratajkowski

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