Monday, 8 July 2013

Fashion Trend :Chambray Shirt & Stripes Maxi Dress Mirrored Sunglasses

Chambray shirts are one of those items  to have in your closet which acts as universal solvent which can be easily paired up anything from Neon to Pastels ,Lace, Prints, Sequins and there is nothing that chambray doesn’t look beautiful paired next to  You will be amazed to know how far one denim/chambray shirt can get you being the neutral item in an outfit, its definitely a must have piece for both work and weekend  A chambray button-up is such a wardrobe staple that it can be used as a shirt, cardigan, belted dress and jacket. You can mix and match it with short or long skirts, shorts, pants, maxi dresses and go from laid-back with sandals, casual with wedges or boho with fringed boots to ultra-chic with stilettos. Chambray its one of those textiles that goes well with other fabrics, so don’t be afraid to use it with lace, sequins, silk, or even pull an all-chambray look!

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