Friday, 26 July 2013

How To Wear Women’s Belts?

 How to put on buckle to look stylish and stylish- that's the question for many fashionistas these days. That's why I experience like I have to share with you some of my thoughts on this subject. So, these days, ladies and girlsmy subject will be about females straps and how to design them with different clothing. As you all know buckle is a versatile band or band which is used around the hips and it facilitates pants or clothing, yet for most females buckle is an eye-catching equipment that underlines their originality and design. That's an excellent popular and plenty of fashion stylist and manufacturers offer Punk rock, Seventies and Nineties grunge motivated modifications of straps. If you are more punk and grunge design stylish, then there are plenty of different designs that you can go for, starting from metal straps, traditional ones to studded straps, traditional design and even stylish and unique ones. If you experience more traditional, then many developers, such as From von Furstenberg, Oscar de la Renta, or even Vivienne Westwood selections may motivate you to choose traditional satisfies vintage traditional designs, that include metal straps, stylish stunning ones, double straps etc.Some years ago (in a far, far galaxy) fashion stylist adviced us to put on straps that coordinate other components, yet these days it is not required to coordinate your buckle with your footwear or purse, it's better to mismatch your components (well, bag and footwear should be matched). Nowadays fashion is more innovative.  For some females straps is unique thing that has to underline their styleThis summer stylish and stylish straps are metal ones (silver or gold) that are used with clothing or clothing in smooth materials. Bright silver or silver buckle can quickly liven your old clothing looksBrown straps are in pattern than never before, as they look vintage.  As you already observed, brownish straps are seen on cutoffs, clothing, clothing and denims, that's a boho-chic design to me. If you hate brownish color, then there are always vintage-boho design straps in fairly neutral colors.If you are more hipster, then try to put on belt-knot, it looks fashionableClassic are never worried and look stylish.

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