Tuesday, 9 July 2013

J Brand Are Now Selling Jeans That Make You Look Photoshopped

For Autumn Winter 2013 the denim junkies are shifting their focus to “party dressing” with sleek, black jeans that are designed to make you look Photoshopped. The secret is apparently a patented technological fabric that is super comfortable, resists the dreaded butt sag and has the effect of making your legs look like they’ve been whittled away at the edges by some middle-aged dudes in front of a computer. Though it seems the folk over at J Brand are less heavy-handed with the eraser tool than their counterparts at J. Crew. This season’s guinea pig is new Brit ‘It’ model Sam Rollinson, and from what we can see in the campaign images she’s still in possession of all her limbs. Just make sure Medicare’s got your back before you go trying anything on.

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