Friday, 26 July 2013

Journey to the edge of the Earth Ultima Thule by James Broadhurst.

 Where one factor finishes is a new beginning. Where the advantage of the precipice satisfies the pit is a globe of its own, loaded with the scream of quiet and the stunning elegance of oblivion. Ultima Thule by Wayne Broadhurst is a trip to the advantage of the known world; where civilisation is yet to sully the amazingly rich waters, affect the resting beaches or graph every border with the cartographer’s pen. The only inhabitant of this imaginary position – performed by design Cassie – is at once extreme and rhapsodical.

Photography by James Broadhurst
Stylist: Chloe Christos
Hair: Elly Hanson /Stevie English
Make-up Artist: Kaori Harigae
Model: Cassie / The Agency Model
Assistant: Daniel Le Breton

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