Sunday, 1 September 2013

Deseo dress from Jessica Choay's spring - summer 2014 collection.

The cunt that increases up the hip and legs. The brief hem. The way the the actual part reacts to the breeze and activity thus respiration lifestyle into the outfit. The way declaration after declaration are padded into this one, dark outfits.  The rock terrace. The possession beyond it. The h2o, and all the luxury yachts moored in it, beyond those same plants. All of these things on their own are eye capturing.  Together they are envigorating.My pictures of Jessica Choay’s ribbons Appreciation for the past outfit might have been the first of her springtime 2014 selection that Fashionising Design presented, but it was Deseo, her collection’s dark outfits, that I captured first.

Featuring: Doina Ciobanu
Photos: Daniel P Dykes
Location: St. Tropez, France

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