Tuesday, 3 September 2013

French Connection Autumn / Winter 2013 "Sketch to Store" campaign.

While there is no deviating from their long recognized cheeky sense of humor, France Connection’s newest strategy is a difference from the regular standard visuals on several methodologies. One, it’s the store's first major strategy in grayscale. Two, it places simple skin on complete screen show.  Well, maybe not complete show. Herein can be found the inventiveness of the strategy, created by photographer Rankin and his innovative organization The Full Service. The strategy, “From Draw To Store”, is based on the way France Connection’s styles do not successfully pass go, do not gather $200: they go directly from sketch to shop. Rankin and co demonstrated that idea into a three part process. First, picture designs undressed. Second, sketch the styles onto the pictures.  Finally, show the completed apparel on said designs.High road suppliers have to continue forcing limitations to be observed, and in handling to integrate simple skin (sex offers, as the concept goes) into classy grayscale visuals, FCUK did a very good job of it.

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