Sunday, 1 September 2013

This is me, Technicolor Tribe.

That only one beauty manages to capture and mesmerize is one of the many valuable things that dominates about design and design photography. Both the complex and simple beauty that can be discovered within design, Archana Akhil Kumar, is something that draws the viewers in, allows them in on the key that is this exclusive interest.  Photographer, Aashith Shetty, creates a icon design sequence of actions, working on the thinner selections of Kumar’s chests and the enamoring functions of her experience and skin. Shetty creates a ongoing connection between the digital camera and the vision of Kumar: dark, stunning, complex, amazing, sensitive, soulful. The design in this capture echo’s a type of latest tribalism, with a kaleidoscope of shade arriving through in both the clothing and the make-up. Actually it is this juxtaposition done by beauty consultant, Mayuri Sarof, and make-up professional, Rob Daniels that locations the design and fashionable idea for this capture.

Photographer: Aashith Shetty
Make Up And Hair: Ralph Daniels
Styling: Mayuri Sarof
Model: Archana Akhil Kumar

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