Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Milonga dress from Jessica Choay's spring / summer 2014.

They have not become ubiquitos in so much as they have become famous. Falling cleavage lines are an simple declaration to create, cunt outfits a more powerful one.  Imagine them in your mind’s eye, however, and it’s likely that you image the ground duration outfit with a thigh-high divided. That, or Angeline Jolie’s right leg.  But springtime 2014 is quick forming up to be a tale of something far hotter – the small outfit and its upper leg divides.Or, at least, I’m expecting that is the situation.  While this autumn’s stylish cuts center around reduced tunics, a look hot in its own right, from the previews of springtime 2014 selections that I’ve been aware of so far, summer time season presentation of cuts are certainly status out.

Featuring: Doina Ciobanu
Photos: Daniel P Dykes
Location: St. Tropez, France

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