Sunday, 1 September 2013

The symbiosis of nature and soul Nous Sommes Vallees Margarita Pugovka by Tsasha Olivier for No Cigar.

Photographer Tsasha Olivier takes us through a trip of style, feelings and natural environment in her capture Styles Sommes Vallees Margarita Pugovka.  As each scenery types and changes around the design, Margarita Pugovka, her mind-set and outfit form themselves accordingly. The style of the capture, put together by Abri Ferebani, is contemporary and stylish; developing an innovative selection of informal and unreserved style.  It is the style of the innovative lady who lifestyles life with a a little bit turned viewpoint on the world. Clothing range in color and in design, where each symbol informs its own exclusive story and symbolizes its own exclusive perspective.

Photographer: Tsasha Olivier
Model: Margarita Pugovka
Stylist: Abri Ferebani
Make-up Artist: Sandra Alves

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