Wednesday, 28 August 2013

A Bohemian Calling, Sofya Titova by Aaron Feaver for Disfunkshion magazine.

Fashion talks many 'languages', but it is in the short minutes when it seems to motivate complete quiet, that its replicate resonates most with remote years, never truly neglected, dirty remembrances and discontinued emotions, relaxing still in an unidentified area of the heart.  A soothing, daylight, is what outfits Aaron Feaver‘s cheerful truth into a key wonderland, exposing goals within goals and a state of relaxed atmosphere.And nothing talks about making all records of concreteness behind better than what seems to be an limitless call for the bohemian days.  Chloe Chippendale examines the treehugger design down to its very primary, adding accessories the ’70s trademark flared trousers and plants covers with poor elegant items of jewellery.

Photographer: Aaron Feaver
Stylist: Chloe Chippendale
Hair Stylist: Mateo SiFuentes
Makeup Artist: Danielle Walch
Model: Sofya Titova At Next

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