Wednesday, 28 August 2013

The wild woman bride, witnessing a story unfold Madam Figaro by Sergey Korolkov.

Madam Figaro is the photography tale of a strange and wonderful lady. Taken in open courtyards of rock and foliage, glamorously represented on the capturing actions and bowing archways of historical hallways, and invisible amongst the natural thicket as a temptress of the night.  Photographer Sergey Korolkov makes use of a difference of designs to catch this tale in improvement, from close-up appearance to long-lense straight images. There is both the use of color and the absence thereof that describes the individual pictures, developing a metaphor for the complexness and the many factors to the lady in this tale.  On it’s easiest level tale seems to moves from a icon of a blushing bride; wonderful, stylish and classy in overall look and outfit. The blushing new bride becomes wilder as the photography tale goes on, nevertheless still wonderful and classy.  Lastly it goes to a point where the beauty has not remaining her but her crazy characteristics is now in control. The conversion and change in overall look does not make design Svetlana Andrienko any less enamoring and wonderful throughout.

Photography by Sergey Korolkov
Model: Svetlana Andrienko
Stylist: Kirill Akimov
Hair & Make-up Artist: Irina Sannikova & Yana Shel

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