Monday, 26 August 2013

Religious habits to lingerie, innocence to irreverence Laura by Yves Kortum for Bambi Magazine.

There is no way irreverence is random when your design is packaging a crucifix in her dark upper leg great suspender tights. No-one creates that type of design option without considering that they might surprise or hurt, and then determining to do it anyway. Same factor goes for a nun’s addiction where the aspect of the addiction that includes the chest is losing and your would-be-nun shows not much of a fan of underwear. But then every inches of Yves Kortum’s capture for problem 14 of Bambi Journal is rebelliously sex-related, with Kortum – along with beautician Florencia Abelin – illustrating every fall of challenging really like from the variety of bondage-inspired items procured from France sex-related underwear purveyors Mise en Crate. And so purity and irreverence become their resources to do it, the greatest differences to cute uses and set nipple play cuffs. The irreverence exhibits in the crucifix and nun’s garb, the purity in design Laura Helmrich’s brief, punkish locks and boyish, younger determine. In every activity, whether appearing half-bared or pulling on a smoke, she has a type of defiance – and, in its spiritual elements, Kortum’s idea performs to that.

Photography by Yves Kortum
Model: Laura Helmrich
Stylist: Florence Abelin
Hair: Vincent Moutault
Make-up Artist: Anika Raskopp

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