Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The beautiful woman & the deep green sea Ariane by Remi Rebillard.

Ariane stares out through the rain-splattered window, stares out to the sea. Ariane bathes naked in the cool green water, seemingly unaware of her own unimaginable beauty and elegance. Ariane contemplates picking up the telephone to communicate with the outside world, the world away from this sea-side town filled with nothing but solitude. Ariane drives down the beach highway flanked by water on both sides, going to somewhere, or maybe to nowhere.
Cinematic in nature and breathtaking in both it’s landscapes and it’s subject, Remi Rebillard‘s shoot of model Ariane tells whatever story you want it to. Brililant, as always, at evoking emotion and provoking though, Rebillard captures washes of ocean colours and a mood of beautiful solitude with his lens.

Photography by Remi Rebillard
Model: Ariane
Hair & Make-up Artist: Mark Williamson @ WILHELMINA 

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