Saturday, 24 August 2013

Tribute for Nikico fall / winter 2013 / 2014 A living poem, Tereza by Teuku Ajie.

In the world of fashion, the thoughts of old and new, alluring and modest, soft and edgy, elegant and macho, often conflict views and from their upcoming accident results an different design of such unusual beauty that it is almost impossible to neglect.  Taken in grayscale, as a honor to Nikicio’s drop / winter 2013 collection, Teuku Ajie‘s article controls to nourish upon minimalism to make the most successful appearance of womanliness, traversing boundaries, neglecting sexes and transcending time. Dreamy beach printing satisfied on the best soft silk blazer, amazing headscarves contacting to a different several years, maxi dress dresses presenting exposing side cuts combined to attractive ribbons bustiers, are all just a flavor of Amanda-b Prihutomo’s stunning design that enjoys drop while still having onto things of summer.

Photography by Teuku Ajie
Styling: Lilian Ng
Hair and Make-up Artist: Tania Ledezma
Model: Eva Celia

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