Wednesday, 28 August 2013

How to, the effortless, textured low pony Wet look hair: the styles.

At the Victoria Beckham drop 2013 display, Redken’s Guido designed a contrastingly tousled hair design to add sizing to the designed outfits. “This design is intended to look very simple, almost random, but observe the focus is on the structure – I desired it to look really soaked in glow, not quite completely wet, but almost. For information on how to make this bright, distinctive and tousled low ponytail, study on.   1-First, blow-dry the locks with your fingertips instead of a sweep. Move your fingertips through the locks as you dry it so that the end outcome is directly but not ideal and maintains a organic structure.   2-Once dry, implement an Argan oil from measures to finishes, including a few falls into your hand (number of falls based on locks duration & thickness) and then emulsifying in your arms and implementing all over. At Victoria Beckham, Redken Argan-6 Oil was used.

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