Thursday, 22 August 2013

Playing hide and seek, playful, girlish styling Hanna Bogdan by Aaron Feaver for Cake magazine.

Big red eyes cheating on an inherent purity, combined to an mind-set that seems to oppose every single element of her obvious demureness: element perfect little angels, element trouble, Hanna Bogdan delivers Lolita to mind in the lively article captured by Aaron Feaver. Building the sense of forbiddance upon her younger soul and untamed mind-set, the capture drives forward a endless game of cover up and go seek.  Showering in the smooth mild, protected in nothing but actual levels of mild materials and delicate items of underwear, wearing large bows and plum mouth, Hanna seems to build her appeal upon the sum of disputes interpreting her warp speed personality. The washed out shades, the warm environment and the vintage design put together by Krissie Torgerson feel like an open invites to get lost in an off-limits dream area.

Photographer: Aaron Feaver
Stylist: Krissie Torgerson
Hair Stylist: Sylvia Wheeler
Makeup Artist: Maddie North
Model: Hanna Bogdan At Photogenics

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