Saturday, 3 August 2013

Behind Closed Doors of a Middleclass life Desperate in Suburbia.

The style of the Sixties has an incredible way to evolve and fit itself into all avenues of lifestyle and tale. This sex cat motivation delivers to lifestyle all the sexy and nice components that lie within the women ability.  Beautician, Airdrie Makim, and photographer, Shamim De Varax create a deceptive tale the shows one part of a sense of fun and the other part of cleanliness.As described, the style of the Sixties provides for much of the motivation behind this capture.  The bouffant is a obvious signal of this, as well as outfits and style put forth. Everything is stylish with a suv complexity that comes through; post of pearl jewelry, handmade hand safety gloves, cunning pin pumps, silken shirts and pen dresses.

Photographer: Shamim De Varax
Stylist: Airdrie Makim
Makeup Artist: Justine Bruers
Hair Stylist: Vanessa Jane
Model: Olivia C @ Giant
Model: Jemma @ Giant
Photography Assistant: Ashley Ng
Photography Assistant: Anna Liu

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