Monday, 19 August 2013

Classic Crossover Her Name is Belmondo by Sebastian Cviq for SOME Magazine.

Despite an absolutely traditional design show, Sebastian Cviq‘s article Her Name Is Belmondo conceals a insurgent mind-set at center, illustrating motivation from the new trend theatre of the Sixties. Reflecting the public changes of the several years, the picture capture featuring Ould - Kedzior features the powerful changes to have taken place in sex interaction. Upon directing Jean-Paul Belmondo’s amazing attraction, the article does the type of androgyny that collides womanliness with maleness ever so beautifully.Following along the collections of the shoot’s gallant impact, Pawel Kedzierski and Maciej Dabros imagined a traditional cross-over, reimagining the macho design by including levels of smooth to the mix-gender clothing blends.

Photography by Sebastian Cviq
Stylists: Pawel Kedzierski & Maciej Dabros
Hair & Make-up Artist: Dorota Kumosinska
Model: Anna Kedzior @ modelplus

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