Friday, 16 August 2013

Le noir by Gabor Marton Visual decadenc.

When done right, the bareness of the skin can easily alternative the most stylish of apparel, in mind-set, impact, even importance.  For Gabor Marton bare skin results in a form of art, making beautiful claims and building upon a sense of new-found secret.  Despite being represented over the level of hundreds of years, the women body seems to be an endless source of motivation, a ignite of elegance. Balancing out the nakedness, clues of recent androgyny and a sequence of BDSM motivated components supplement the components of the dark, sensually billed visual followed by beautician Zita Ternovszky.  Black, in many of its hopeless colors sat at the primary of the dark and white picture capture, increasing its seductively along the clean, little collections developing the selection of apparel.

Photography by Gabor Marton
Styling: Zita Ternovszky / Gabor Marton
Hair & Make-up Artist: Nora Matisz
Models: Nora Matisz, Dorka Banki, Mate Szita and Daniel

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