Sunday, 18 August 2013

Like a Tropical Bird by Alex Kinova Becoming One With Nature.

Upon looking for for the true components of beauty, photographer Alex Kinova got lost in the mirage created by the coming together of human and characteristics as well. Although designed upon comparison, the world never stops to surprise, particularly when the attract of characteristics gets such a clear representation either in the eyes, the skin or the charming grin of a wonderful lady. When taken in perfect balance, you almost cannot tell them apart. Like a exotic fowl improving its environment, design Vanessa Soares becomes one with characteristics, embodying its stunning shades, its heavenly soul, its elegance and its limitless source of miracle. With blossoms in her hair, protected in ribbons and levels of sensitive materials, she seems to be sailing, her steps hardly in contact with ground.

Photography: Alex Kinova
Make-up Artist: Andrea Neves
Model: Vanessa Soares

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