Sunday, 18 August 2013

She Was Worth a Stare, She was trouble Caaandice by Dhyan And Benjamin.

With the new black pattern so interested in providing all things dark and wonderful out of the dark areas, it’s no wonder the fashion industry is currently suffering from such a Medieval growing, easily combining beauty with power, secret and the suitable amount of dilemma.  Set in an other-worldly field, Dhyan And Benjamin’s photo capture makes a link between reality and the pitch-dark of dreams.Starring models Dark Walton and Elinor Devenish-Meares, both directing stunning movie black women archetypes, the article features the combination between stunning black and white wines, expensive apparel and a courageous mind-set.  Exuding sex-appeal created out of confidence, the blonde stunners look similarly spectacular in exposing pieces of underwear and modest outfits presenting attractive cut-outs.

Photographer: Dhyan And Benjamin
Make Up And Hair: Sandy Tau
Stylist: Candice Van Haltren
Model: Ebony Walton @ Viviens
Model: Elinor Devenish-Meares @ Viviens
Assistant: Samurai Josh

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