Friday, 2 August 2013

Toby Marosszeky Modern Portrait of beauty’s Embrace Nicole.

Radiant face and the soft movies of light red, violet and gold cover the epidermis of this mermadian elegance. Combined with the modern clothing design done in traditional colors of grayscale, photographer Candice Marosszeky controls to create a good stability between exceptional landscapes and modern elegance.  Stylist, Alannah Vinci, makes the impression of mermadian elegance by using slicked and wet locks, and the glimmering shine that sets upon the model’s epidermis (both done by Janice Wu).  The fashion in this capture discovers the stability between traditional womanliness and cut modern lines, using materials of both laced embroidering and zip line leather.

Photographer: Toby Marosszeky 
Model: Nicole / LondonMgmt
Hair & Make-up Artist: Janice Wu
Stylist: Alannah Vinci

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